Friday, March 13, 2009

The Funeral of Fr. Val Rykowski

Fr. Val left Sts Cyril & Methodius in an old Packard Henney (I believe it is a 1948, but someone correct me if I'm wrong)

I didn't think I would get to attend the funeral of Fr. Val because I needed to get some things done at work with a deadline. I managed to get it all done Tuesday morning and decided to go to the Mass on Wednesday.

What follows are pictures I took, with Fr. Ben's permission, during the funeral Mass for our beloved Fr. Val Rykowski.

The main celebrant for the funeral Mass, was Fr. Jerry Rykowski, the brother of Fr. Val. There were about 25 priests and some 80 altar boys for the Mass. Fr. Ben Kosnac delivered the homily.

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Want to just see an online slideshow? Follow this link to a slideshow of Fr. Val's funeral with all pictures taken by me Wednesday. I recommend setting the speed to fast.

To read testimonials on Fr. Val's holiness, please see my original post: And, God loves you too Fr. Val. Feel free to contribute any time to the testimonials already there.

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