Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity

I just attended, this past Saturday, the Holy Trinity Apostolate's 12th Annual Lenten Symposium.

I had a chance to speak very briefly with Fr. Christopher Nalty following his talk. He gave to me the booklet that he held up during his talk entitled, "Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity". He explained that the book is not being produced in the US in English by the Paulines, who have the rights, for whatever reason.

He provided an url where the material and stories he shared would be available online. I suggested I would offer the link here.

Go to and choose your language. If you want English, click here.

In the meanwhile, you may want to contact the Paulines and let them know you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book. Perhaps sales were flat when they discontinued publication of it.

There are fascinating accounts in there on how prayer affected priests and bishops. Do read the online version for now.

EDIT: After you click, and then choose your language, simply click the pic in the lower left hand corner and it will take you to some downloadable PDF's.

Here is the page for the English version.

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