Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updates on SSPX and Bp Williamson

Several things have happened on the SSPX matter since I have last had a chance to blog.

It was first rumored that Bp Williamson, the holocaust denying bishop, had been removed from his position as rector of the SSPX seminary in Argentina. Then word floated out that it was not the case.

It now appears that Bishop Williamson has indeed accepted the decision of his Superior, Bernard Fellay, to step down.

Rorate writes:

Bishop Williamson, as he declared in his interview [to Der Spiegel] does not wish to "hurt in any way the work of the Fraternity"; that is why he accepted, on January 31, the decision of the Superior General [Bishop Fellay] to relieve him of his position as director of the Seminary of La Reja (Argentina).

While the secular press reported fallout from the outrageous position of Bp Williamson, I wonder how many are reporting things like this:

Rorate also has a post up, with a link to the translated press release by the Holy See:


The Holy Father Benedict XVI and Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel, in a telephone conversation requested by the same Madam Chancellor, had the opportunity of exchanging their mutual points of view in an atmosphere of great respect.

In it, both made references once again to the declarations made, respectively, by the Holy Father in the General Audience of Wednesday, January 28, and by the Madam Chancellor last Thursday.

The spokesman of the Federal Government, Mr Wilhelm, and Father Lombardi, Director of the Press Office, remarked: "It was a cordial and constructive conversation, marked by the common and profound adherence to the always valid warning of the Shoah for mankind."

And, finally, again at Rorate, the best source for updates with it's many translations:

In an interview to the RCN radio network of Colombia, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", aside from emphatically reiterating Pope Benedict's position on the Shoah, had some interesting words on current events:

"I have always had truth as a rule. The Holy Father knows this. We are moving forward, ensuring that this unity of the Church be rebuilt, and that this schism be completely ended."

"[W]hat is important at this moment is that the Pope has stopped a schism. The charity that Christ wanted to exist in the Church has been remarkably reestablished, and paths of hope are opened."

Fr. Z has some comments up on this, as well

Please continue to pray and make sacrifices for full unification of the SSPX.

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