Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Update on Pelosi Meeting with the Pope

There are a couple of quick notes I want to pass along.

First, go to Fox News for an interview bewteen Neil Cavuto and Archbishop Chaput on the meeting bewteen Nancy Pelosi and the Pope. (H/T - Tom Peters, AmP)

Secondly, go listen to the interview that Teresa Tomeo did with Fr. Frank Pavone yesterday. You can listen to the whole hour which starts with the news, then goes into an interview with Phil Lawler of Catholic World Report, and in the last 20-30 minutes (move the slider bar after clicking the link), will be an interview with Fr. Frank Pavone.

He gives a very solid reading of this interview. Two points I'm going to pull out:

1) The Holy Father won't likely excommunicate someone like Nancy Pelosi because once he does, every bishop, everywhere would have to follow suit .... right now. It is preferrable by the Vatican that action come from individual bishops (if you disagree, that's fine, but hear Father out in the interview. He is, afterall, on the front lines and has a clear understanding of how things should work, especially having worked in the Vatican)

2) Fr. Pavone points out that by making what he did public, Pope Benedict not only sent a message to Ms. Pelosi, but sent a message to her bishop, and in reality, all bishops of the world.

Go listen to the interview from February 18th 2008 on Catholic Connection

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