Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things are boiling over in South Brisbane...

We continue to watch events unfold in South Brisbane at St. Mary's parish where a rogue priest has been doing just about everything one can to get yanked by his Bishop. There are misleading reports out there claiming Fr. Peter Kennedy is being defrocked and I've not seen anything from the diocese to indicate such a thing. People are just trying to come up with good headlines.

Every day brings something new out of this corner of Australia and this morning was no different.

In this first article you can see that this priest could write a handbook on how to get replaced at a parish, and even excommunicated. Other headlines show the chaos, as well. Unfortunately, this has probably gone on for so long that it has embedded itself to the point that you have to wonder if the parish can be retained by the archdiocese, or if it will break off in schism.

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