Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RIP: Michael Dubruiel, husband of Amy Welborn

Sad news, I'm picking up. I'm posting this on my lunch hour, especially with an apparent server outage for the software I use to do my work.

Michael Dubruiel, blogger, author, and husband of author and Catholic blogger Amy Welborn, passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack after working out. He just turned 50 two months ago.

Fr. Z is taking up a spiritual e-boquet on his blog in this post since her combox is shut down.

Please keep Amy and her boys in your prayers, and pray for the repose of Michael's soul.

EDIT: Amy has made a new post, featuring Michael's last column that he wrote for the upcoming diocesan paper. It was emailed to her today. Funeral arrangments have been made, and it is Bishop Robert Baker who will be celebrating.

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