Sunday, February 8, 2009

Legionaries of Christ and Maciel

We continue to follow this very sad story involving the Legionaries of Christ and their founder, Marcial Maciel.

Canonist Ed Peters offers further thoughts worth reading in his latest post, So if Maciel was a criminal (or a sociopath), what of his charism?

As an aside, I watched World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo, who interviewed Fr. Jonathon Morris, LC and Fr. Thomas Williams, LC. If that show did not move you to pray for the LC priests and the members of Regnum Christi, I don't know what will. (N.B.: For the next few days you can listen to a podcast here of that segment which takes up about the first fifteen minutes of the show)

I hope the Vatican will intervene and assist the many good priests and lay people involved with this apostolate move forward in a way most appropriate, given what has come to light.

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