Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's...It's...It's.....nevermind...The wait in the Big Apple continues....

It was....




....that New York would have a new Archbishop named and that Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee would have the helm.

If the announcement is coming today, February 17th, it has not made it into the daily Bollettino.

Yet, journalist and blogger, Rocco Palmo is suggesting people refresh frequently for updates in a post made at 5:56am, just 4 minutes before the Bollettino is published daily. Did it simply not make the Bollettino? We shall see - I have seen it happen once before.

(update 6:33 am): Rocco Writes:

SVILUPPO: 6.20... and still quiet -- no release from Gotham chancery, no pickups from the TV stations, no drop of anything in the Holy See's Daily Bollettino... but the latter could simply be taking its usual time to update.

By quarter past, a friend in Gotham sent the following note: "I'm ready to pull my hair out."Aren't we all?If nothing appears here by, say, 6.35, consider the search party called off for another day.

I must say that since I've been watching the Bollettino for US bishop appointments, I have never witnessed it change once it has been posted. I think we are waiting another day, another week, or perhaps until the Vatican sees we aren't looking and least expect it.

I have to head off to work so happy Archbishop-appointment-watching.

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