Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hack job in The Tablet attempts to intimidate priests

There is a real hack-job in The Tablet against Fr. Tim Finigan in in the UK.

Fr. Tim Finigan is the Fr. Perrone of Blackfen, having slowly graduated the liturgy there to more traditional forms of the Novus Ordo and eventually including one Mass each Sunday after Summorum Pontificum, in the Extraordinary Form.

Fr. Finigan responds and I think you should read his post to get the article, along with his comments to individual points.

Then, check out the post by Fr. Z in which he comments throughout the same article. Father makes a very good point - this was nothing more than an attempt to intimidate other priests.

Go read Fr. Tim: The hermeneutic of continuity: Responding to the Tablet

Go read Fr. Z: Exercises in intimidation: The Tablet attacks Fr. Finigan

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