Sunday, February 8, 2009

Donate to Assumption Grotto!

Back in October, our pastor initiated the Fr. Perrone Financial Appeal to generate funds to get handle some major repairs needed at a time when funds are down for most parishes due to the economy. Donations will also hep this commuter parish through tough times (we have about 800 registered families, but we have many people who come periodically to Masses, devotions and other events).

In his letter of October 15, 2008, Fr. Perrone wrote:
"That this is a time of hardship for many people cannot be denied. Yet when one considers the fact that Assumption Grotto Church was built in 1929, at the beginning of the Great Depression, and that all the same a church of superb craftsmanship and fine materials was erected it a wonderful statement about the sacrifices made by the people of that time. We have a more modest goal of raising $200,000 by March 25, 2009 in order to do the needed repairs and to secure our parish through this time.

As a partial remedy, and in recognition of the fact aht some people may not be able to attend here regularaly due to great distances, we have initiated the ACH program to accept your weekly offering. This allows you to have an automatic transfer from your checking account to the parish. The system is 100% secure. Should you be unable to contribute for a given week, you need only notify the parish and the transfer will not be made. We are also looking for a way to have contributions be made from our parish website.

Our parish is dependent not only from its parishioners but also from those outside the parish who may come here from time to time to hear Mass, receive the sacraments, be counseled, practice some particular devotions, visit the Lourdes Grotto, and so on.

Let me add to that list above, that you are reading this blog because Assumption Grotto exists. The many, beautiful photos you see, would not be possible without this parish.

I hope those in my readership will click the button below and make a contribution to Assumption Grotto so that she may continue to serve as a witness for reverent liturgies, and a strong Catholic identity.

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