Sunday, February 15, 2009

Continue to pray for victims, and survivors of Australian wildfires

The wildfires in Australia have left a path of destruction, death, and suffering. People have died in their cars, and in their homes. As you can imagine, wildlife has also been affected. The photo below has been widely circulated on the internet (click the pic for the background story).

In some quarters, there is more compassion for wildlife, than there is for people - in particular the unborn. However, being pro-life, and having a primary focus on humans suffering amidst such disasters does not mean we cannot have pity on God's creatures, also suffering needlessly, given that these fires were deliberately set.
Pray for an end to these fires, for the repose of the souls of those who have been lost, and for the survivors who are left without their loved ones, and their homes.

From the AP:

WHITTLESEA, Australia – Australians mourning the lives lost in horrific wildfires last week sought comfort at churches Sunday even as firefighters continued to battle a dozen blazes still burning in the state.

Fire engines raced past the small, 140-year-old Christ Church in Whittlesea while the Archbishop of Melbourne was leading a service, their sirens briefly drowning out a song.

More than 180 people were killed and 1,800 homes destroyed when some 400 blazes — some thought to have been deliberately set — tore across Victoria state on Feb. 7 in Australia's worst-ever wildfire disaster.

Across the 1,500-square mile (3,900-square kilometer) fire zone, residents and friends gathered at church services to pray for the dead. The scene was repeated at churches across the country.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd attended a service in the town of Wandong, where he joined residents in placing leaves and flowers into a bowl of water in a symbol of remembrance and rebuilding.

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