Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cardinal Rigali Concerned with Incremental, Stealthy FOCA-like Changes

Cardinal Justin Rigali, president of the USCCB's Committee on Pro-life Activities is concered with reversal of pro-life policies incrementing their way through congress one piece at a time so as not to draw so much attention them in the way that a sweeping bill like FOCA would:

US Bishop Protests Taxes-for-Abortions

Urges Congress to Maintain Current Pro-life Laws

WASHINGTON, D.C., FEB. 6, 2009 ( The United States has some "modest, common-sense" policies supported by pro-lifers and abortion advocates, and a U.S. bishops' official is urging Congress to protect them.

This appeal came in a Feb. 5 letter written by Cardinal Justin Rigali, chairman of the bishops' Committee for Pro-life Activities.

He noted that one of Congress' first orders of business this session is examining appropriations bills to keep federal programs funded, and in this process, the bishop warned against removing anti-abortion clauses.

Noting the widespread lack of support for the Freedom of Choice Act, he cautioned: "While an extreme proposal like FOCA would overturn hundreds of pro-life laws at once, we are equally concerned that such laws may be overturned one at a time during Congress' appropriations process."
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Here is the full text of Cardinal Rigali's letter (PDF)

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