Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bomb threat made against Archbishop Bathersby

The situation in South Brisbane, Australia, is about to reach a climax as the new administrator, Fr. Ken Howell, the new administrator has been planning to celebrate a Mass at 7:00am local time (about 6:00pm tonight here in Detroit), but he's being warned now to enter the parish by police.

In the meanwhile, a bomb threat has been sent by mail to Archbishop Bathersby. The target is the Bishop's residence, and there is a message linking it most likely to the St. Mary's situation.

Go read more about the bomb threat at the Sydney Morning Herald

Talk about madness.

More tomorrow, I'm sure. Please pray for these people. They have been led astray by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Continue praying for the wolf, as well. Never think anyone is beyond prayer.

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