Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Apple still delay related to Pelosi's visit with the Pope?

It may be empty in this photo, but the Cathedra at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC is not vacant. Cardinal Egan is still keeping it warm for.....Archbishop Dolan???

Still nothing on the February 19th Bollettino, as of 6:38am for the US on the New York City Archbishop appointment. It is largely believed that Archbishop Dolan is "vacationing" in the Big Apple. [Post Edit: I'm not sure where I read that the archbishop was vacationing in New York, but I am unable to find the source and want to strike that statement....sorry for any confusion. I still think tomorrow is the day, but I may have to eat crow as my guess is as good as anyones]

Perhaps I'm giving the Vatican too much credit, but here goes a thought...

[begin speculation]

I am going to maintain the theory that the Holy See is deliberately delaying the appointment in order to let the news about Pelosi's meeting with the Pope circulate well, and not get diffused with another big news item.

It's amazing what the Holy See can do when everyone is on the same page.

If any of this is true, Friday is a far better day than today would have been because it would have diffused yesterday's big news as it hits the print editions today (say that really fast 3x). However, it is noteworthy that the Vatican has been making announcements of appointments on Saturdays, as well. I still think tomorrow is the day.

[end speculation]

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