Monday, February 23, 2009

As secular things go....The New York Times introduces Archbishop Timothy Dolan to it's readers

"Big Tim" , with eyes widely opened, gazes in awe with a prize he has earned after calling St. John the Evangelist Cathedral home (see Milwaukee's cathedral before it was wreckovated by Abp Weakland - his predecessor, and after). His new home will be the ever-beautiful St. Patrick's in New York. PHOTO: AP/Seth Wenig

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Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee gets the New York City throne. The archbishop points out that unlike his appointment in Milwaukee, he was not asked if he would like it; he was told it was his. As an obedient son of the Church, he didn't second guess the Holy Father when word came through the Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi "some nine or ten days ago", that the Pope had appointed him as the next archbishop of New York City.

He will be installed on April 15th, the Wednesday following Easter.

From Hell's Bible, the New York Times article, Milwaukee Archbishop Chosen to Succeed Egan . (emphases in bold; comments mine bracketed in red)

Archbishop Dolan, who has a towering frame and a gregarious presence, is orthodox in his theology but more likely to use persuasion than punishment on Catholics who do not share his views [I agree that this is a trend in more recent appointments. The Holy Father wants to bring along as many people as possible out of their dissenting mode through reason rather than throwing them out. It requires more time and patience. Not to worry because God knows that many people have been misled, but now they have to be carefully led back. However, Dolan will do what he must if a situation warrants it. For that, read on....].


Archbishop Dolan, by contrast, has earned a reputation for being convivial with parishioners, accessible to the news media [this is needed because when a bishop or cardinal is not accessible, the media fills in the blank] and not above smoking cigars with his seminarians [I'm anti-smoking, but never against a bishop or priest having a periodic stogie with his brothers and with seminarians - I think this is a good thing]. Yet behind the scenes, he has quietly reeled in theologians and priests who question church doctrine [this goes to the dignity of the person and another reason why I think the Holy Father is appointing men with this quality. What parent would work to correct a child in a public way? However, I think there is a limit here and a time for public correction lest others catch the same illness]


“He’s the type of man that the pope is looking for as a bishop,” said the Rev. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit scholar and close observer of American bishops. “He’s intelligent, he’s scholarly, he is pastoral and people like him. [Of course the NY Times would consult Reese. I found this interesting given that it is coming from the dissenting wing of the Church (no use of left or right here would be appropriate you are either loyal or dissenting). Reese is the former editor of American Magazine (a dissenting Jesuit periodical) who was unceremoniously removed by the Holy See resigned and is now with the Woodstock Theological Center (oy vey!). What is interesting is that there is no apparent jab here, given Dolan's orthodoxy. Will they listen to him? Can he disarm them?]

Well, it's time for me to head back to work. Click the headline above and read the entire article. It is lengthy. I'll have more later with links from around the blogosphere and news outlets.

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