Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Archbishop Burke says "yes" to Latin Mass Society; Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor says "no"

News broke the other day about how Archbishop Burke had accepted the invitation of the Latin Mass Society to celebrate the usus antiquior at Westminster Cathedral, but Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, a staunch opponent of the TLM said, "no".

It is always customary for a bishop to have permission of the Ordinary of a diocese to celebrate Mass in his diocese. In an excellent commentary on this situation, Fr. Z explains protocol and how the Traditional Latin Mass community should carry on from here in that diocese. It is a good lesson for all to observe.

As an aside, I'm of the opinion that this bad thing will turn into a good thing for Westminster. Cardinal Murphy O'Connor is on his way out and the Holy See will be replacing him. Hopefully, it will be with someone who will, without hesitatation, exercise charity and pastoral sensitivity in taking down the proverbial brick wall in Westminster.

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