Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why is it critical to pray on October 7?

Painting depicting the Battle of Lepanto. It is by Paolo Veronese, 1571, Venice, Gallerie dell'Accademia. Saints Peter, Roch, Justine and Mark ask Our Lady to help the Catholic fleet

I've been saying that this is a time not only for prayer, but for fasting, sacrifices and other acts we should offer with the intensity of Lent.

I got this from Brian Burch of Fidelis:

Pray for Our Nation and Our World

The economy is strained, a presidential debate tonight, and the election in less than 30 days away.

We have an urgent request for you and it does not involve money. We need you to pray... today.

October 7th marks the anniversary of the naval victory won by the Christian fleet at Lepanto, Greece, in 1571. The Christian fleet was vastly outnumbered and was expected to be destroyed, but they invoked the help of the holy Mother of God through the Rosary. Their prayers were answered and they prevented the Ottoman Turks from invading Europe.

Western Civilization today is also in turmoil. Now, more than ever, it is important for Christians to pray to God for help, especially as we are close to deciding who will lead our nation for the next four years.

If you are Catholic, please join with us and Bishop Baker of Birmingham, AL, and pray the Rosary, today. Like the Christians in 1571, we are perhaps outnumbered, but it is important that we place our trust in Divine Providence.

For a good tutorial on the Rosary, visit ewtn.com.

If you are not Catholic, you can still join with us in prayer. All Christians have the Lord's Prayer that Jesus gave to us all in the Garden of Gestheme. For additional prayer resources, visit CatholicVote.com.

Bishop Baker asked Catholics to pray the Rosary today "for our Nation and Our World."

Here are his prayer intentions, which we think can be echoed by Catholics and all Christians alike:

"That the Holy Spirit may guide our government leaders as they address the current problems facing our nation’s economy and as they seek proper paths to peace in our world, we pray to the Lord…"

"For the guidance of the Holy Spirit as voters choose the best possible candidates as leaders for local, state, and national offices, people who will protect the least vulnerable among us, especially the unborn, and promote the cause of life in all its forms and family life, we pray to the Lord…"

N.Y. Times mentions Catholic Vote video

The CatholicVote video was highlighted Sunday in a New York Times article about Catholics and the 2008 elections.

Here's an excerpt of the article, in case you missed it:

The Cathedral of St. Peter in Wilmington, Del., where Mr. Biden lives, is promoting a video produced by the conservative Catholic group Fidelis that is intended to persuade Catholic voters to put opposition to abortion rights and same-sex marriage above all other issues when they go to the polls.

“Many issues are at stake,” a caption reads as the video displays a fetus and choral music swells. “Some are more important than others.”

Brian Burch, president of Fidelis, said the group had created the video as “a voter guide for the 21st century.” Many Catholic churches across the country have put it on their Web sites, and Mr. Burch said some statewide advocacy groups had been distributing it to their members.

A new post up at Catholic Vote: "Unholy Messaging": Today's Must Read

Here again is the powerful Catholic Vote video:

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