Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2nd: Feast of the Guardian Angels

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Few Catholics are aware that all of those thoughts we have, lifted up to God, the holy inspirations, ideas and even the desire to pray or go to Confession are graces that come through our Guardian Angels. God has given to each of us a spiritual creature who can guide us through life in holy ways. When our conscience bothers us, it is our guardian angel we are hearing, beckoning us to turn from sin to that which pleases God, our Creator. When we say, "yes" to that whisper in our soul, we say, "yes" to God.

At Assumption Grotto, we are fortunate to have the apostolate, Opus Angelorum, or Work of the Holy Angels. I just learned that Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC will be in and will give a talk on October 19th. Stay tuned - I'll have more on this.

During those days of recollection, the question always comes up: Should I name my guardian angel? In the three years that I have been going to their conferences, each and every priest has answere with firm clarity: No. There was confusion over this some years ago and even Mother Angelica can be heard on some old tapes suggesting that you name your angel. However, Mother and many others accepted a clarification offered by the Vatican that naming angels is not appropriate. There are many reasons for it and perhaps in the future, I'll make a post on it to explain the reasons.

Undoubtedly, Sarah Palin is a deep underdog in tonight's debate. She does not have the level of experience that Joe Biden does - that is clear. However, she is a quick study, and makes decisions with prudence. What is unfortunate is that while both VP candidates for 2008 have been making gaffe's, the focus has been all on Sarah's errors. Joe Biden has been characterized as a regular gaffe-machine of late, for the huge blunders he has been making, largely swept under the rug by the left-wing media or dismissed as minor. To make matters worse, it was revealed that the moderator, Gwen Ifill of PBS, did not disclose that she is writing a book on Obama's rise. If he wins the presidency, she stands to make no less than $350,000 and perhaps as much as a million. This makes it a conflict of interest.

How interesting that on a day I have asked my own guardian angel to assist Sarah's, it just so happens to be the guardian angel feast day. May they all give her the extraordinary graces she will need tonight to prove she is a quick study and prudent decision maker.

In God all things are possible.

Please consider going to holy Mass today, if you can. If you are local, Assumption Grotto has a 7:00pm evening Mass if you can't get to the 7:30am (too late for 6:30).


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