Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama, Redistribution, and Social Security

Thanks to Joe the Plumber, we have finally heard from Obama's own mouth that he wants to "spread the wealth".

I was watching Fox News and there was a dialogue with Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute over Obama's plan and Social Security. I recommend reading this: Obama on Social Security.


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Anonymous said...

I see you disaprove of "spreading the wealth". I have to say that all of this discussion against "spreading the wealth" makes little sense to me in the context of modern American democracy. "Spreading the wealth" occurs in many ways that Americans take for granted, including public schooling, subsadized housing, college grants and scholarships, etc.... . I used to consider myself a laissez faire capitalist and opposed all of those things (much as I think the Acton Institute does). However, I'm no longer sure that that is a very good position for a Catholic to take.

Is this not against the teaching of the Church? Does the Church not teach that it is the obligation of the wealthy to take care of the poor? Does the Church not go even further and call for redistribution of wealth between nations.

Mike Enright

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

It's quite late when I'm publishing this comment. Wait. It's already tomorrow - I need to go to bed.

However, I think the questions you raise are worth a post. When I make it, I'll post another comment here with a link for anyone stumbling into it later.

We need to look at the Compendium on Social Doctrine of the Church a little closer.