Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More straight talk from bishops and priests....

Rocco Palmo has a followup with details of Bishop Naumann's address at the University of Kansas yesterday.

There is another suprise followup Rocco gives us, by Bishop Martino of Scranton. You will recall the eye-catching headline for the first part of the story: "This Is Madness, People": In Surprise Cameo, Scranton Bishop Repudiates USCCB, Dems, Et al. . Now, we have: "Stop the Insanity" Part Deux

There is also an excellent homily out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Fr. Chas Canoy of Thomas the Apostle Parish. Go read, "Render unto Caesar" at Catholics in the Public Square.

For more out of our bishops, see yesterday's post for a listing of recent statements and newsmakers.

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