Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's the economy stupid! How the Democrats, Barack Obama, and ACORN initiated this economic crisis and hindered regulation called for by Republicans

I must admit that my family had always voted Democrat like many Catholic families. But the Democratic party is no longer the party my ancestors supported. They have become the party of death. Setting all that aside, I have other reasons why I cannot support Democrats and it has to do with economic ideals, as well as my thoughts about how judges should function, which does not include legislating from the bench.

I voted for the first time when I reached voting age and Reagan ran for office. I proudly pulled the Republican switch, breaking that long standing tradition. And, so did my family. We were Reagan Democrats. We did it mainly because we were pro-lifers and little did we know how the Republican Ronald Reagan would yank us out of a nasty economic crisis in the eighties. He knew it couldn't be fixed with big government spending and more taxes and so does John McCain.

I can tell you that if I set aside entirely, the culture of death ideals of Barack Obama, which I cannot, I would still vote for McCain on the basis that his economic plan is the kind that can get us out of this crisis. There are some videos worth watching if you want to see just how deeply the Democrats were in getting us to where we are now and we ought not put them in charge now.

If you are thinking of voting for a Democrat, I would ask you to watch these videos carefully. It's about the current major crisis. Don't cloud judgement with any other issue if you are concerned with getting out of this mess because if we end up with a Democratic super majority in Congress along with a Democrat for President, there will be an entire pack of wolves watching the economic henhouse. And, don't think for a minute that with such a Democratic slant we will get an honest and fair investigation into "how we got here". It will be easy for the truth to get swept under the rug without checks and balances in Congress, as easily as Barney Frank and company are trying to spread blame like peanut butter in order to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing.

In this first video, you will see the Clinton administration at work explaining the kind of "loan affirmative action" that was being given to us. The man makes the case for giving unqualified people home loans. In the same video, you will see ACORN and Barack Obama's involvment in forcing banks to give loans to these folks. That's right - the same ACORN that is under investigation for voter registration fraud in multiple states. And, the same organization which has publicaly backed Barack Obama while receiving large sums of US tax dollars.

Typically, the Republicans are against regulation while the Democrats are in favor of more regulation. It is one of the key differences between Democrats and Republicans. However, Republicans smelled a rat years ago and started begging for regulation of Fannie and Freddie, only to have it blocked time and again by certain Democrats. These video clips were from some years ago, but today we now know that many of these folks received large sums of money which was a conflict of interest. How could they accept regulation of Fannie & Freddie when they would be affecting their own pockets? Watch this....

Who received the most money from Fannie & Freddie? Watch this video where the Dems are called the "Family & Conscience" of Fannie & Freddie and it is followed by a newsclip from John Gibson which reveals the top three benefactors of funds from the two companies. No wonder the Democrats didn't want regulation. Certain news organizations have not been reporting this info to the general public. If Obama gets into the presidency, it will be like the fox guarding the henhouse.

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