Saturday, October 18, 2008

Election Eve Adoration Vigil at Grotto - What's your parish doing?

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As the culture of life battles the culture of death in this year's national election, many parishes and dioceses are using the best weapon in their arsenal: Prayer.

Assumption Grotto is holding all night Adoration into Election Day morning. It ends with the 6:30am daily Traditional Latin Mass (typically a low Mass). Security will be provided and we have gotten permission to have coffee and donuts in the back vestibule for those who will be staying long hours overnight (and some have vowed to stay all night!)

The USCCB has asked all Catholics to pray the Election Novena.

Fr. Corapi has encouraged a Rosary Novena:

No other issue, not all other issues taken together, can constitute a proportionate reason for voting for candidates that intend to preserve and defend this holocaust of innocent human life that is abortion.I strongly urge every one of you to make a Novena and pray the Rosary to Our Lady of Victory between October 27th and Election Day, November 4th. Pray that God’s will be done and the most innocent and utterly vulnerable of our brothers and sisters will be protected from this barbaric and grossly sinful blight on society that is abortion. No woman, and no man, has the right to choose to murder an innocent human being.

Click here to download a PDF copy of Father's entire article (1 page) to email, link and distribute freely.

Any of you who are moved by the subject matter in this article, you may want to check out this week's "Weekly Wisdom" Click here to see the schedule.


Is there something special going on in your parish such as all night Adoration, special prayers leading up to the election, or other? Please list them in the combox. Let's get a list going so that others can see where they can catch something, or get ideas for things they can initiate in their own parish.


There is a very good blogpost out there on the blog of Jimmy Akin by one of his co-writers on morality and voting. It addresses the seldomly discussed topic on Catholics who don't feel they can vote for McCain on the basis of his support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. I had a lead-in commentary about the stakes in this election for the US Supreme Court and Federal Court system ast large. All comments on this topic need to be directed to the blogpost below to keep this combox open for a list of devotions and prayers for th election.

Go read: Pro-life Voters: Is it wrong to Vote for McCain because he is not 100% Pro-life?

EDIT: One sidenote - please keep in mind that tomorrow, Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC will be holding a Day of Recollection at Assumption Grotto.

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