Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: Feminist Hat-Trick?

She came out of nowwhere - a new kind of feminist. Will she score? First - a mayor, then she won the governor's spot. Will she now make VP?

Typically, a feminist is envisioned as someone who is liberal on social issues, and especially defensive of abortion.

There is another kind of feminist emerging - one who is smart enough to know that what grows in a woman's womb is not a blob of tissue, but a human being - one with it's own distinct DNA who should have rights, especially the right to be born. Like the first group of feminists, she often works full or part time, but includes others who are domestic engineers, managing their homes and raising children. Also like the first group, she can be single, or married.

I believe that the first set of feminists is largely graying. Many young people aren't buying the snake oil they've been selling. Others are turned off by their pushiness. It's not that these radical feminists are outspoken, but what they are outspoken about. They are a vocal minority which attempts to represent a silent majority that does not share the same views. In fact, these feminists protect free speech, while treating other women who don't agree with their views like they are not sophisticated enough to even have a view or a voice (EDIT: Need proof? Read this ). The media aids them in "domination" over all other females - especially secular news sources - while the majority isn't even heard.

Sarah Palin is energizing that majority and giving hope to ordinary women who never thought they would see the day that one of their own has a real possibility to make it first to the White House.

Who is Sarah Palin? Someone whom I believe the radical feminists, and the secular media that promotes them, will grossly underestimate. Why? Because the silent majority, along with others, will be motivated to vote. And, the more she is attacked, the more it will invigorate supporters. It's not Sarah Palin they are afraid of, but all that she represents.

Watch this short clip. There are pictures of her newest baby, the one with Down's Syndrome that she chose to treasure as a precious gift from God. She's a pro-life feminist.

I'm sure organizations like Peta are besides themselves (she hunts and fishes.....don't worry, there's nothing gross in the clip). While the only thing I can personally aim at an animal is my camera, I have no problems with legitimate hunting, provided the meat is eaten by someone and not wasted.

If someone knows what this music is, please drop a message in the combox. I like it.

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