Sunday, September 14, 2008

Water, water everywhere in metro Detroit....

Above, a car parked overnight in a veternarian's parking lot along side the Clinton River at 15 Mile Rd. near Schoenherr had been partially submerged overnight. Looking closer (click the pic), you can see a "grassy-line" where the water had topped out. The windows were steamed, the headlights had water in them, and water was dripping from every seam. I was in this same parking lot last night and the water looked as it did when I stopped by this morning around 11:00am when I took my mother back to her home which had lost power the night before.

Below, you see the river in the background. The water backed off after it flooded this parking lot and that of a funeral home next door. The mud line was visible. But, more rain has been falling for hours, sometimes very heavy. I am hoping to see a break in the action so I can go up the road and get a few more pics of the swollen river.

You can plainly see a line that the Clinton River crossed, but that isn't the river's edge. It's much further to the right (and deeper). The spot from which I took this picture was about waist deep during the night.

I took my mother a few more miles away from her apartment before taking her home to see the flooding at the Fernhill Country Club. The Clinton River winds right through the golf course and floods it periodically. The river is actually quite narrow normally in this area. In the photos below, you can see a few of the "greens" peaking above the water line.

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