Friday, September 12, 2008

Reminder: Helpers of God's Precious Infants Vigil Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Helper's of God's Precious Infants fall prayer vigil is taking place in front of the notorious Hodari clinic, with Mass beginning at 7:30am at the Shrine of the Little Flower on Woodward. See details further down.

Rain is predicted for tomorrow, with a high in the low 70's. Consider that the murder of the innocents continues whether it rains, snows, or sleets. Standing in the rain is yet one more thing we can offer up. Pack some warm rain-gear. In fact, I'm going to see if I can find a raincoat tonight. I've been needing one for years. Or, get one of those clear plastic rain covers to go over a light jacket.

Do come to the Mass which will be celebrated by Bishop Flores, Detroit's newest Auxiliary Bishop.

Msgr. Philip J. Reilly, the priest who founded Helpers of God's Precious Infants, which began in New York, was praying out side of a clinic on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001. Here, he recounts his experience:

"On that morning the wind was blowing from lower Manhattan across New York Harbor to Brooklyn, namely in the direction where we were counseling. As a result all the soot and debris and dust from the fallen towers came over our heads to the point that it became midnight, at midday... Outside as things kept falling out of the heavens on our heads, inside abortion mill at 43rd and 3rd, they kept killing the unborn babies throughout the morning...I was unable to go to the (bombing) sight during that day because the killing at the clinic continued...

I eventually got to ‘ Ground Zero’. I arrived at Midnight..And then something happened to me at ‘Ground Zero’. (while praying the rosary) With my eyes still closed, I saw something different. What I saw was this:

I didn’t see a building. I saw a womb and in the womb I saw an unborn child, so safe, so secure, so contended and at peace. And suddenly I saw in that womb an object coming in and invading the privacy of the womb, the instrument of the Terrorist, of the abortionist, and the child being frightened with no place to go, no where to hide was being destroyed. And it was then I realized ‘Ground Zero’ is ‘On Going’. ‘On Going Ground Zero’, modern day Golgotha is anywhere peoples lives are being unjustly taken; where innocent lives are being taken and they need rescuers to come and help them.

They need ordinary people doing ordinary things with extraordinary results. ‘On going Ground Zero’ is not far from where most of us live. It is where Golgotha is. It is the place where Christ would go today. It is the place where John and Mary are at the foot of cross with the suffering Christ and it is where we must be.

Today I say to you: “Be not afraid to be rescuers for life at “On Going Ground Zero’. We are called to be rescuers of Christ to the unborn children and their mothers. We are called to Golgotha, to Calvary. Be not afraid to go to Golgotha. If not you, then who? If not now, than when? Go with Mary and John and be the presence of Christ to the people in darkness and despair.

They have been waiting too long. Let us not keep them waiting any longer. God bless you."

- Monsignor Philip J. Reilly

Michigan Catholic journalist, Bob Delaney, talks about the upcoming prayer vigil in the August 29 issue.

Detroit — Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Flores will join Helpers of God's Precious Infants for a Saturday, Sept. 13, Prayer Vigil for Life outside the Lathrup Village abortion clinic run by abortionist Dr. Alberto Hodari.

Hodari has been one of America's most high-profile abortionists ever since pro-life student activists posted a video of a talk he gave at the Wayne State University medical School in 2007 on the Internet site

In the video, Hodari suggests doctors have a right to lie to patients, dismisses ethical concerns about abortion, and tells the students he no longer bothers to wear surgical gloves during abortions or scrub between procedures.

He achieved even greater notoriety after aborted babies were found in his trash in February.

The local Helpers of God's Precious Infants usually draws several hundred participants to its vigils outside abortion clinics in Eastpointe and northeast Detroit. Sidewalk counseling is also a part of the vigils, and then some of the group's members provide counseling outside the clinics on a daily basis.

The vigil outside Hodari's clinic "will be a huge witness to the whole community," said Dan Goodnow, founder and president of the local Helpers group and a member of St. Paul on the Lake Parish in Grosse Pointe Farms.'

"We are really in warfare with the 'culture of death.' It's a battle between good and evil, and we are trying to bring God's love to the community at large," he said.

Besides urging women approaching or leaving a clinic to reconsider having an abortion, sidewalk counselors also offer to put them in contact with crisis pregnancy centers where they can obtain various forms of assistance.

Goodnow said it is very seldom that the initial approach by a sidewalk counselor will deter a woman from even entering an abortion clinic, but some will come back out after sitting for a while in the waiting room: "We've had turnarounds on the table in the back, at the last second before the abortion."

Over the years, he said, their turnaround rate has hovered around one in five women, sometimes approaching one in four. Lately, however, he said it has been more like one in six.

Mary Beckhold, who works with Goodnow, said one of the most gratifying things is when a woman will return to the abortion clinic site – not to go into the clinic, but to show the sidewalk counselors the baby she had after their intervention.

"It's great when they come back with the babies," said Beckhold, a member of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Grotto) Parish in northeast Detroit.

Prayer Vigil for Life
Mass: 7:30 a.m., Sat., Sept. 13, National Shrine of the Little Flower, 12 Mile and Woodward, Royal Oak

Rosary Vigil: 8:30 a.m., outside WomanCare of Southfield, 28505 Southfield Road, Lathrup Village

Park: At former St. Bede Church, 12 Mile and Southfield

After: Return to Shrine for 10:15 a.m. Eucharistic Benediction, followed by refreshments.

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