Monday, September 1, 2008

Real Catholic TV - Now it's Official.....Launched!!!

View the above news on the site of Real Catholic TV. It's about a 6-7 minute clip and contains many shots from Assumption Grotto taken during the Mass presided by Bishop John M. Quinn, which preceded the burial of 7 aborted babies in our cemetary found in a dumpster. Some 500-600 people were in attendance on that weekday.

If the embedded version is not working, go to their main site, register and click "Today's News". This will change tomorrow and I'm not sure how archiving will work. I can't get the embedded video to actually function on my blog and have reported it to them. It's a new site so bugs should be expected, and reported using their "Conact us" button at the bottom of the site.

There's other great stuff there. All you have to do is go through the free registration to be able to view much of the content which will be changing daily.

Awesome! Awesome! Spread the word.

Previous Post: Real Catholic TV has Launched! Go Check it Out! (Note: this was the launch of a beta version)

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