Monday, September 8, 2008

Now Joe Biden cites Aquinas on Abortion Issue

Oy vey! Get ready for more public instruction from the bishops. Watch and you'll see what I mean.

This is relativism at it's best folks. That is, different "truths" for different people, when in reality there is one objective truth here. If life begins at conception, you can't sanction the killing of that life because someone else believes otherwise.

It's clear that Mr. Biden is passionate about his position that he accepts the teachings of the Church for himself, but can't impose them on others.

This is a position many people I know take and they are equally passionate. Truly, as distressing as this all seems, that Catholics would protect the killing of other people because others don't believe life begins at conception, this public debate is good. People will have an opportunity to be catechized.

Using his rationale, if a bunch of people standing at a red light see it as green, does it mean they can "go"? The objective truth is that the light is red and can't be green no matter how many people want it to be green. We would defend the need for everyone, for the good of society, to stand at that red light until it truly turns green. Truth is unaffected by what people feel and popular opinion.


There is an audio of a 15 minute homily by Bishop Morlino of Madison who had just saw the interview of Joe Biden before his Mass. He set aside his prepared homily to speak on this topic. I have not yet listened to it, but will later.

In all seriousness, pray for Mr. Biden and others like him who just don't get it.

If anyone is aware of bishops talking out, please drop me a comment here. We'll get a list going.

H/T: Whispers in the Loggia

EDIT: Fr. Z has a post up on the Biden - Meet the Press episode with a good commentary.

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