Thursday, September 11, 2008

More ridiculous attacks on Sarah Palin...

It just keeps getting more disgusting....both from LifeNews

I also read a pretty good article today about how Palin has smashed the model for feminists (but I don't think it was a model that represented the vast majority of women from all walks of life, race, creed, religion ). Frankly, I'm sick and tired of these so-called "National Organization of Women" type feminists defining how I'm suppose to think and be. They don't speak for me and I know they don't speak for many women, but the NOW feminists in the media and political circles have had the upper hand. Not any more.

Hmmmm...... I wonder what the average age is of the NOW feminists. Perhaps it's not so much a matter of age, but hair color - gray.

We ain't gonna take it.....anymore.

Go read, Feminist Template Obliterated by Kathleen Parker in the USA Today.

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