Sunday, September 14, 2008

International Pilgrim Statue Schedule

The International Pilgrim Statue (Our Lady of Fatima) is in the metro Detroit area. I apologize for not posting the schedule sooner. There has been much going on and I have not been home much.

Monday, Sept 15
St. Albert The Great
4855 Parker St.
Dearborn Heights
7pm Mass and Procession and Talk

Tuesday Sept. 16 OPEN

Wednesday Sept. 17
St. Joseph's Church
1828 Jay Street at Orleans just off Gratiot
Across from Eastern Farmer's Market
Detroit 313-831-6659
7pm Tridentine Mass and Talk

Thursday Sept 18
St. Josephat Church
691 East Canfield Ave.
Detroit (Across from Wayne State Medical School)
7pm Tridentine Mass and Talk

Friday Sept 19
Sweetest Heart of Mary
4440 Russell Street (Corner of Canfield)
7pm Tridentine Mass, Candlelight Procession Talk

Saturday Sept.20
Polish Seminary on Orchard Lake OPEN TO PUBLIC
St. Mary's of Orchard Lake
3535 Indian Trail
Orchard Lake 248-683-0514
6pm Mass followed by a Procession with Statue
All night adoration open to public

Sunday Sept 21
9AM Mass followed by Concert
llAM Mass followed by Talk of Statue then
Procession with statue, All day Adoration
Closing Procession from Outdoor Lourdes Shrine
To Main Church with Statue.
Bishop Reiss likely will attend.

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