Friday, September 19, 2008

Disgusting: Columnist suggests Sarah Palin was wrong to bring disabled son into the world

Just when you thought you heard it all....

Nicholas Provenzo of the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism calls Sarah Palin's choice to bring Trig into the world, "immoral".

There is an excellent commentary by someone who goes by the name, "Disabled Politico" at Disaboom - a website for the disabled - on this subject. Go read: Columnist Attacks Trig Palin, Accusing Mothers of Babies with Downs of Burdening Society. In part it reads:

Provenzo goes on to to accuse Sarah Palin of participating in "the worship of retardation." He also posits that describing the selective abortion of fetuses diagnoses with disabilities as a form of Eugenics is a "dirty little slur" used by "anti-abortion zealots."

Perhaps Nicholas Provenzo should discuss the "marginal productivity" of adults with Down's Syndrome with Blair Williamson, a working actor with Down's Syndrome. He ought also to note that, for each Down's Syndrome baby detected and aborted, some estimates say that two non-disabled babies are miscarried due to invasive testing. He could also stand to note that young people with learning disabilities are applying to college at record rates. Maybe he should try to talk with Katherine Crouch, a woman with Down's Syndrome who's spending her time volunteering for the McCain campaign and recently met Sarah Palin. Then again, it's election season: Katherine's probably too busy to talk to Nicholas.
Michael Voris of St. Michael's Media and the newly launched, Real Catholic TV, has a commentary well worth watching on this, as well.

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