Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catholic Vote - a must watch video

Grassroots Films, has done it again. WATCH THIS!!! While it is entitled Catholic Vote, you don't have to be Catholic to appreciate the message.

Go to the page for more info. Embed this video, email it, get it out there.

Other stellar Grassroots films have included (these are, I believe, just preview clips)

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The obedient are not held captive by Holy Mother Church; it is the disobedient who are held captive by the world!


Stan Williams said...

I just watched the Catholic Vote video that Grassroots did. I know Joe Campo and the guys in Brooklyn, and respect them a lot. I'm not sure who was behind the script for this Catholic Vote video, but I just sent off a pretty dissatisfied email to Joe. The video builds and builds and builds and ends on "Vote your Conscience."


It might as well say "Vote your own truth." "Vote Moral Relativism"

This conclusion flies in the face of the earlier statements in the short film that state some issues (LIFE) are more important than others (ENERGY).

The ending's a cop out.

Very disappointed.

Stan Williams
Distributors of "Fishers of Men" and "God in the Streets of NYC."

Diane said...

Hi Stan,

I was momentarily concerned with the ending, but put it in context of the overall video where the message was quite clear. One would have to be beyond ignorant to not get it.

ALL: It's not enough to simply "vote your conscience" because your conscience has to be formed, morally. If someone grows up among a group of people who steal for a living, that person's conscience could be "malformed" in such a way as to justify theft. That doesn't make theft right for some people and not for others. Stealing is objectively immoral.

A malformed conscience can easily cast the wrong kind of vote is malformed.

I urge Catholics to view the resources available at to form your conscience, or use the guide in my sidebar by Priests for Life. You won't be told who to vote for, but you will be guided through issues and how they should be weighted, and why.

Think back decades ago to politicians who supported segregation based on race. If you voted for such a person today, even if you didn't agree with his racist views, you would be seen as backwards. I would not be able to get past the racist face to vote for pro-segregation politicians, no matter how good their economic or health care promises. Objectively, segregation is wrong and we can easily see why we ought not vote for such people.

Decades from now, and entire generation will look back on those who supported culture of death politicians in the same way. It's just wrong-headed to say that because you are Catholic, you can't vote your faith. It was people who voted their faith decades ago that made the US a better place for people of all races.

And, so it is with the unborn. I don't get it....people don't want to "impose my religion" on others, but they don't mind those others imposing death on innocent human beings with their own bodies, souls and DNA.