Monday, July 7, 2008

YouTube Video of the Mass & Burial of Aborted Babies at Grotto

Just found this on YouTube - veil-tip to Credo, Catholic Journal in Ireland. it is a 5 minute video with clips from the day at Assumption Grotto when we buried 7 aborted babies and 3 who were miscarried, with Fr. Frank Pavone and Bishop John M. Quinn.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the video disappeared shortly after I found it and posted this. There are any number of reasons why could have been pulled. Perhaps there was a mixup and it was not intended to be online yet. I found it odd that the video was not available on the Priests for Life site or on Fr. Pavone's YouTube video channel. Perhaps it will re-emerge at a later date. I strongly recommend watching Fr. Pavone's weekly program on EWTN, Defending Life (check grid for schedule in your area - in North America it is on at 10:00pm Friday nights EST).

If you have not seen the extensive photostory I did on this event at our parish, follow the link below.

Photostory of Mass & Burial of Aborted Babies at Assumption Grotto in Detroit

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