Thursday, July 17, 2008

WYD Coverage

I have to get off to work, but want to point you to some resources to follow on World Youth Day. Keep in mind, it is some 14 hours ahead of Detroit time, like ask yourself - is it tomorrow yet in Australia?

Follow these sites for complete coverage. Actually, each of these will probably cover it from a different angle. Fr. Z will certainly be focused heavily on the liturgy there.

We have over a dozen young people from Assumption Grotto at WYD, led by Fr. Paul Ward as part of Trailblazers. They had been raising money for the better part of two years to cut down on costs. Please keep them, and all young people in your prayers. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Fr. Ward is celebrating the TLM in his daily Mass. He has several altar boys among attendees.

I have seen photos of some things which should not be seen at WYD. When you get 100,000+ people together for a Mass, there is no way for the Pope or other officials to track all that takes place, or to control who participates. Many rightfully say, it is reason to not have mega Masses, as opposed to large scale talks with Masses taking place in parishes.

Some people aren't there for events, but to disrupt them. Others are poorly catechized and even led astray by false spiritualities that are not Catholic, but actually a bad imitation of the faith. We know that the Angel of Darkness tries to mimic holy things, but those can never be as pure and perfect as the real deal so we see them for what they are. In some cases there is no sense of modesty - a problem of the secular world which has infested our parishes. Don't be angry with these young people, but pray for them and those who lead them. It is only by the grace of God that we ourselves can discern the unvirtuous and even sinful nature of some of the behaviors that will emerge from some attendees.

These things are used by institutions like the SSPX which the Church is trying to bring back out of an irregular status, to blame Vatican II or to not come back. In reality Vatican II never authorized such behavior. It may also be a hindrance to traditional Anglicans discerning a comeback to the Catholic Church. It is my hope that they will turn to prayer and adoration along with us for a change to these troubling things. First, it must start with a conversion of the priests who don't have a proper sense of virtue and reverence to teach the young people.

On this blog, I have decided not to focus on these negative things, but will instead focus on the Holy Father's words and actions on the posts I do make. For now, visit these sites for more frequent coverage and be sure to watch EWTN. I understand that tonite's Life on the Rock will be live from Australia where it will be 6:00am their time. You should be able to get the Holy Father's messages as they are released on some of these and even embedded TV coverage in others.

EDIT 6:45AM: Here is an example of the kind of leadership the Church needs out of each and every priest:

Archbishop Chaput urges Sydney youth to shun ‘part-time Christianity’

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