Wednesday, July 9, 2008

US Bishop Detroit coming soon???

A small string of US bishop appointments has been taking place the last few days. In Detroit, with rumors indicating that Cardinal Maida's successor would be named soon (some months ago), you have to wonder if we are on the final stretch. Watching the Bollettino at the Vatican's website can be interesting.

At 6:00am local Detroit time each day, the Holy See releases various statements, such as bishop appointments (mostly in Italian). Those eventually make their way to the Vatican Information Service (VIS) in various languages, and then Zenit and other news sources communicate them.

The VIS had this posted on July 7th:
VATICAN CITY, 7 JUL 2008 (VIS) - The Holy Father:

- Appointed Msgr. Herbert A. Bevard of the clergy of the archdiocese of Philadelphia, U.S.A., pastor of St. Athanasius parish, as bishop of Saint Thomas (area 352, population 108,612, Catholics 30,000, priests 15, permanent deacons 27, religious 27), U.S.A. The bishop-elect was born in Baltimore, U.S.A. in 1947 and ordained a priest in 1972.

- Appointed Bishop William Francis Malooly, auxiliary of Baltimore, U.S.A., as bishop of Wilmington (area 13,916, population 1,270,734, Catholics 230,000, priests 214, permanent deacons 94, religious 380), U.S.A. He succeeds Bishop Michael A. Saltarelli, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same diocese the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

On July 9th, this:
- Appointed Bishop David L. Ricken of Cheyenne, U.S.A., as bishop of Green Bay (area 27,775, population 1,008,000, Catholics 373,000, priests 293, permanent deacons 137, religious 698), U.S.A.
Do I dare observe a pattern involving US appointments? Stay tuned!

Something else worth noting, from July 9th...
- Appointed Archbishop Angelo Amato S.D.B., secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. He succeeds Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins C.M.F., whose resignation from the same office the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

Is the CDW Next?
With Abp Amato being appointed to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, we now turn our attention to the Congregation for Divine Worship, currently headed by Cardinal Arinze, who is expected to retire. Of course, anyone interested in liturgy, wants to know who will head the CDW. Focus is heavily on Cardinal Antonio CaƱizares Llovera, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain.

The obedient are not held captive by Holy Mother Church; it is the disobedient who are held captive by the world!.