Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI rises above labels in WYD 2008 addresses...

It has been difficult to catch WYD events because they are some 14 hours ahead of us in Detroit there in Australia.

Please continue to pray not only for those attending, but for those with whom these young people come into contact in the days and years to come. May they embrace the Faith and spread it like the candlelight at the evening vigil.

Pope Benedict XVI - a Compassionate, Simple Theologian

I have been amazed with what little I have heard thus far. Pope Benedict, the man who was painted as stern by a media unsuspecting of his great compassionate charism, rises above all labels in his speeches. I have said many times and continue to say it, that His Holiness exemplifies a highly virtuous behavior that we should study and embrace.

The Holy Father's addresses are like the arms of Christ, wide open to all willing to ponder them now and in the future. They are not words of judgment for any particular group, but words of encouragement to listen to the Holy Spirit. This takes tuning out the noises of the world, including others who would goad us into tuning out God instead when we need Him most. All of us need to re-examine how we spend our time and set aside the blackberries, the iPods, cellphones, televisions and many other things for specified time daily. These things fill our heads with the kind of unending static which hinders us from hearing the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to take some quiet time as I will to read the addresses from World Youth Day 2008, regardless of your age. Jesus called us to be like children and with the ears of a young person, we should read his words. There is something very powerful about a highly educated man, capable of using complex words and expressions to make his point, who simplifies them so anyone can understand.

If you want the addresses in their purest form, without any analysis, keep going to this page at EWTN and scroll down for the latest.

If you would like to read these with some added perspective and analyses, see these, I recommend the blog of Fr. Z. Here are some recent posts about addresses and other WYD matters:

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