Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paderborn, Germany: St. Liborius - Traditional Processions and a Flabellum

This is liturgical eye-candy at it's best. The New Liturgical Movement's German correspondent, Gregor Kollmorgen, has an extensive photostory on a special celebration in Paderborn, Germany related to St. Liborious.

Gregor explains who he is and then goes into how the procession and things seen, have evolved. It is a fascinating read.

You have to visit NLM to see the post. I recommend reading especially about the flabellum made of peacock feathers (right), and the very old shrine that is carried (above). See his post (link below) why peacock feathers are used.

Gregor explains: In the new calendar, St. Liborius is only celebrated in the German-speaking countries, and some specific dioceses and places, but in the EF, he is celebrated worldwide at least with a commemoration today.
We have such a treasury of things to be explored in the Catholic faith. How much easier it is now that Pope Benedict XVI has opened the doors to the pre-Vatican II Mass

Many of the pictures seen at NLM are from this site and if you speak German, there is plenty to explore there

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