Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7th - Summorum Pontificum One Year Later...

It has been one year since Pope Benedict issued the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which liberated what is now called, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (EF). The Mass uses the 1962 Missal. At Assumption Grotto, Mass is celebrated in EF (9:30am Sundays and 7:30am weekdays) and in Ordinary Form(OF), commonly called the Novus Ordo. Sometimes, you will see the EF Mass referred to as usus antiquior (ancient use). More recently, I've seen it called, "Gregorian Rite". Either way, there is only one rite - the Roman Rite, but it has two forms - ordinaryand extraordinary. The expression, "Old Mass" is often considered a bit derogatory. If you want to use the expression "Latin Mass", be sure to say Traditional Latin Mass since the ordinary form can also be celebrated in Latin (which we often call the Latin Novus Ordo).

There are some interesting articles and blog posts out there on this. Many secular news sources will say that the motu proprio was designed to bring the SSPX home. Recently, I've heard some assert that the pope wanted the ancient-use Mass bring home traditional Anglicans.

Of course, while those things may have played a role, they were not the sole purpose of bringing back the usus antiquior. I'm sure the Holy Father noticed, as others were observing, that around the world, there has been a movement towards the 1962 Missal, especially among the young. I'm convinced this is the work of the Holy Spirit and no amount of tampering by unapproving bishops will prevent it from taking it's full course. While many diocesan seminaries have barely been attracting young men, the institutions which had an indult, or permission, to celebrate the ancient-use Mass, have seen an increase. This exploded after Summorum Pontificum. Ask any young man who has applied to those institutes, such as the FSSP and the ICKSP.

What I find hopeful, are the many seminarians that are showing interest around the world. What I find disheartening are the lengths to which some seminaries and bishops will go to in an attempt to suppress interest. It can merely be in the form of responding slowly to requests or making life difficult for interested seminarians. Those who engage in this behavior are actually thwarting the work of the Holy Spirit which draws these people to this Mass. How else can you explain so many young people around the world having an interest?

There's so much more that I would like to say, but for now, would like to leave you with some other, excellent articles and commentaries by people with true expertise.

Look for updates later in the day.....

Summorum Pontificum One Year Later

First, I would like to point out that Fr. Z was interviewed by Zenit to give his analysis one year later. Part One of the Interview with Fr. Z has been published Sunday, and Part Two will be published later in the day. Watch Fr. Z's blogpost on this interview for the combox dialogue which is always interesting.


Second, I would like to point you to an article which appeared in the Catholic Herald by Shawn Tribe of The New Liturgical Movement blog: In a year Pope Benedict XVI has reshaped the liturgical landscape


Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph, in his blog, Holy Smoke, talks about, [Anglican] Bishops plan conversion to Rome, and in a more recent post reveals the troubling thought process at the top in, Jesus is all over the place, says Rowan. Let's pray that our Anglican brethren will act on the graces falling upon them and come home. Here in the US, I'm aware of several Anglican-use Catholic parishes which are very traditional in nature, such as Our Lady of Walsingham in Texas.

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