Saturday, July 5, 2008

Insane! Human-pig hybrid embryos given go ahead in UK

It sounds like the dark ages: Some people are sacrificed in experiments so that cures may be explored for others, as in embryonic stem-cell research. Those people being sacrificed are not considered people at all, even though, if allowed to go to full term, they would not develop into elephants, dolphins, trees, or anything else, but a human being. A human embryo is a person - an unborn person. God gives this person a soul at the moment of conception. That soul has a right to be born to follow the call: To seek God, to know Him, and to love Him with all his strength (ccc prologue, I, 1).

Read the NCBC article below after you catch the latest news on the experimental science front.

UK Telegraph: Human-pig hybrid embryos given go ahead

Jimmy Akin: When babies get their souls?

National Catholic Bioethics Center: British Parliament, Human-Animal Hybrids and Savior Siblings ****a must read!!****

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