Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catholic Connection covers Mass & Burial of Aborted Babies at Grotto

If you were not able to hear Teresa Tomeo in Monday and Tuesday morning's first (local Michigan) hour of Catholic Connection, you will want to hear both June 30th and July 1st. Go to the archives page and toggle it to June and choose the first hour for the 30th. Do the same for the July 1st program.

I had emailed Teresa, along with many others in Catholic media the photostory link of the Mass & burial of the aborted babies and she asked me to call in around 8:15am. She had Mary Lockwood on first, who is post-abortive and now a pro-life speaker. I was fine until I heard Mary talk about the impact of seeing that tiny coffin and I got so choked up I prayed Teresa wouldn't come to me just yet. But, as fate would have it, a few seconds later, I was on the air trying to think straight and get the lump out of my throat (I don't know how Teresa holds it together!).

After hearing about the photostory, Mary went to view them, then contacted me via email and we have shared some exchanges. Soon, she will have a website up at MaryLockwood.net. It is currently not functioning, but bookmark it and checkback later.

I didn't get to hear the national hour, but I often listen to archives of many programs on Ave Maria Radio as I'm working around the house. Internet radio and mp3's of the broadcasts are great in that you can listen anywhere in the world!

Sunday 3:00-4:30pm Detroit time

I also got an email from Henry Root of Ave Maria Radio confirming that he is working diligently to finalize his program, Putting on the Mind of Christ, for this Sunday at 3:00 here in Detroit which will feature audio from Bishop Quinn's homily and Fr. Pavone's most powerful graveside eulogy. Tune in to one of these sources, including internet radio!!!

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