Monday, April 7, 2008

Video: Church of Oprah Exposed

This was sent to me by a few people and I finally took a few minutes to watch it. It's about 6 minutes. Do watch it.

I use to watch Oprah years ago, but began to shy away from it when it started to get new-agey. I don't hate Oprah or even dislike her. She is a good and sincere person. But, that doesn't mean she is right. In fact, I believe Oprah is wrong and what is unfortunate is that many Christians are being led down a very sad path through her high visibility works.

Oprah says that she believes God is love.

Dear are right about that. God is love. Have you read the work by Pope Benedict XVI which carries that name? Please read it once or twice through very slowly and I think you will be surprised. Perhaps some day you would consider making it the book of the month. Love and prayers, Diane.

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