Saturday, April 26, 2008

Updated Sidebar: Liturgy and Sacraments

If you scroll up and down my sidebar, you will find many sections with good resources. I have everything from Latin, Liturgy, and sacred music resources, as well as links to Catholic Scripture study sources, canon law, info about private revelations, and much more. Every now and then, I must check these to see if they are still working. Don't hesitate to email me if you find a broken link:

The link I had to a page containing Fr. Z's examination of conscience was no longer working. I have provided, in it's place, an examination of conscience by Fr. Robert Altier. Both priests spent time at St. Agnes in Minnesota (they have beautiful liturgies, with symphony so stop in if you are out that way). Fr. Robert Altier - a diocesan priest - is also a third order Carmelite.

I have added three additional links on confession. These are direct links:

While I was on the subject of sacraments, I also added a link to Our Lady's Brides - a woman to woman forum on the subject of marriage and Catholicism. If you are getting married, or are already married and have something to offer and want to learn from others, consider joining Our Lady's Brides.

I will likely add more to the liturgy and sacraments section.

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