Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pope Benedict's Message to the US in Video and Papal Visit Resources

The Holy Father shows he is with the times. He has released a video message to Americans ahead of his US visit.

I'm going to have a difficult time providing timely coverage. I highly recommend you check in on these sources daily. I know I will.

American Papist has excellent daily posts. Tom is doing a good job of balancing the good stuff out there, along with highlighting some of the media bias we have become all too familiar with.

The USCCB website dedicated to the Holy Father's visit called Christ Our Hope. It has many references, and they have an excellent blog with some great posts. One that really moved me was a post entitled, The Pope through the eyes of a twenty-something.

The National Catholic Register also has a blog called Pope2008.com dedicated to the Holy Father's visit.

Of course, you can always catch coverage via EWTN on a page they have dedicated to it. Also worth reading would be the blog of Joan Lewis, the EWTN Rome Bureau Chief.

You can purchase items related to His Holiness and his visit at Catholic to the Max

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