Sunday, April 6, 2008

Missa Cantata on EWTN celebrated by priest from Grotto

Well, perhaps he is not "from" Grotto, but he is "at" our parish....
Grotto-goers may have recognized a familiar face on EWTN if they put the Missa Cantata on at 8:00am this morning, or tuned in for a rebroadcast rumored to be at 11:00 EST. It was the face of Fr. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC. He is in the Order of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross - an order which has it's US monastery in Detroit. Fr. Wolfgang and his brother priests help out at Assumption Grotto and other parishes, including nearby St. Josaphat which had the indult to celebrate the Tridentine before Summorum Pontificum. He is also familiar to people in Flint and other places which savor the Extraordinary Form where he has celebrated.

Father's sermon about the Good Shepherd focused on vocations, the priesthood, sanctification of the priesthood and praying for priests. It was very good and I'm hoping it will be on podcast.

I borrowed the pics from the blog of Fr. Z who has a sizeable photo post up with similar.

If you are reading this shortly after 11PM EST, tune into EWTN and you will catch a rebroadcast. Or, go to and use the option in the top menu bar there to watch it live on the web.