Saturday, April 12, 2008

Media Bias and Pope Benedict's US Visit

Many of us are watching carefully how the secular media plays Pope Benedict's visit. Believe me, much research will be done and distributed to gage this. One thing we want to keep an eye on is who these news outlets use for their "expert" analyses.

Based on the above cartoon, and the secular media's propensity to seek out the greatest of dissenting clergy and religious for their "expert catholic" analysis, Paul Nichols came up with the above cartoon and Fr. John Trigilio has a commentary that pretty much sums up the behavior of the media in this regard.

I highly recommend watching EWTN either on TV or via the Internet for papal coverage, as opposed to major TV or cable networks. Ditto with newspaper articles. I'll be checking in on some blogs that I know will deal with media bias and will try to put some of it in the spotlight.

If you are wondering why your loved ones, who get all of their catechises from the New York Times, CNN, et al., are diosriented in the faith, you can thank these news outlets for seeking out those whose "theology" coincides not with Church teaching, but how they would like the Church to change. D'oh!!!

Journalism 101: Report facts, not what you desire to be factual or how you would like the Catholic Church to be. Get your facts from those who will give you the Church's true position and accurate details, not from those on the list of dissenting authors and theologians who teach with the mind of the world. Facts should come from priests, religious and theologians and other experts who are fully aligned with the teaching Magisterium and teach with the mind of the Church. This means that those routinely tapped by secular media who present their hippy-era distortions of Catholicism are not wise choices.

Let's put it another way for journalists: Would you present an Islamic Jihadist as an expert in American liberty? Hopefully, not! Then don't consult a dissenting Catholic and present them as an expert on Catholic thought - that is blatantly biased and aimed at distorting facts for some other purpose.

Journalism 102: I would also like to point out to the secular media that these dissenting Catholics are....well,....aging quickly and have equally aging followers. Note the crowd and the age group that follows Pope Benedict! While certain members of the media continue to try to give Pope Benedict a negative image, young people are busy studying his words and seeing the depth and purity of his thinking. Good journalists should take notice and do the same.

You might also want to listen to Teresa Tomeo on Ave Maria Radio from 8-10am EST (listen live on the net), or on EWTN radio from 9-10. Teresa has a two hour program, but only the second hour is broadcast internationally on EWTN. Teresa speaks a lot on media bias and no doubt will be watching the coverage of the Pope's visit with one eye open to that bias.


This is a good time to remind everyone that while it's ok to be disappointed and even angry with the distorted view of Catholicism presented by some Catholic priests, they are still priests. Pray for them. It is easy to comprehend now what I've said in many posts: The mark of the priesthood on the soul of a man is in the cross-hairs of the Angel of Darkness. If he takes one priest down a path of distortion, that distortion is magnified by the number of people who fall for it and spread it. This is widespread today, affecting perhaps an entire generation or more.

I know it is easy to stay angry at these people because of the damage they have caused among the people of God. Don't be angry. Love them. Pray for them and have hope that they will respond to Christ's grace and correct the errors they have spread.

Please listen to the homily given on April 6th, 2008 during the Missa Cantata on EWTN where Rev. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC speaks deeply of the need to pray for priests. If you aren't moved to pray for these folks, especially those who have left the narrow path, I'll be suprised. Hopefully, my link below works, if not you can find it in the list above with the date.

If your knees are not bent in prayer for us[priests], we will fall!

- Rev. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC, April 6, 2008 Homily for the Feast of the Good Shepherd.

Homily MP3 - Pray for Priests!

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