Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta See Video: Bullied Boy Sings Pie Jesu like an Angel

As I walked out the door this morning and went to shut the TV on which had just been running in the background on ABC, I had to stop for a moment thinking I was hearing the voice of an angel. I had to just watch. I don't normally watch Good Morning America which ran the story this morning, or American Idol, or much secular TV at all, but this ..... I was meant to see this so I could share it with you. I was determined to find it on YouTube and sure enough - it showed up tonight.

I found myself crying after the first few notes. This is in the UK.

I'm wondering how long he will be able to sing like this. Surely, his voice is due to change, or....not?

If he makes you cry or you find yourself watching more than once, you have to leave a comment!!!

Here is a related story out of a UK news source and more links below:


Published: Monday, 14 April 2008, 2:01PM
Teenager Andrew Johnston wowed Britain's Got Talent judges in the first-round of the TV show with his cherubic voice.

The 13-year old was one of a handful of acts, including contortionist Iona Luvsandorj, comedian Craig Harper and pop group Scala which made it through to the next round.

Johnston performed Pie Jesu which left one of the judges, Amanda Holden in tears.

His amazing singing voice was discovered by a teacher when he was seven.

He has also had a particularly harsh upbringing in which he survived on a diet of bread and milk and was bullied for his love of opera.

He is currently head chorister in his home city of Carlisle.

Johnston said on the TV show: "I've been bullied since I was six because my mates have been telling me to leave the singing. They don't like that kind of music."

One of the judges, Simon Cowell asked him how he dealt with the bullies, he added: "I carry on singing."

Holden told him: "You could knock all those bullies out with that voice."

Johnston is favourite to win the ITV show which pulled in an audience of 10.6 million viewers last night.

And, I hope he wins!

Additonal story link: City choir boy has Cowell close to tears

We'll have to follow his progress. May God keep him pure.

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