Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FSSP School (grades 7-12) Seeking Teachers (California)

I received this email recently and go permission to share it as is since it is so well explained. This looks like a good opportunity for some folks. This is not in Michigan, but in California.

Dear Diane:

I was raised in Dearborn and have been visiting the Grotto for several years. I spent Christmas season there, and can’t tell you how moved I was by the Church, and the return of the Tridentine in such force to a Diocesan Parish. It made me feel at home. I remember the Latin Mass from my childhood, and a Detroit which was solidly Catholic.

I am the principal of St. Stephen Acadamy a small grades 7-12 traditional classical liberal arts Catholic school which opened in September 2007. It is a school which complements our homeschooling parish. Most of our students were homeschooled before enrolling. Most have younger siblings who are home schooled. Our FSSP priests teach Theology, and out Tridentine liturgy nourishes all of us. Our students sing High Mass every Friday including the Propers. It is the type of school I think would complement the Assumption Grotto Parish.

We are looking for a teachers for this year, and am writing to see if you are willing to spread the word. We need a devout Catholic with an intellect in formation to know God. If you’re familiar with Thomas Aquinas College… a strong candidate would be trained in that style…. Primary source readings, discussion, classics, love of God permeating all.

May God bless you and keep you in His love!

Barbara Graichen


See that webpage for information on teaching positions available.
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