Friday, April 11, 2008

The Devil: Is he real?

Zenit has an article up about Fr. Gabrielle Amorth, the Vatican Exorcist. When asked if the devil was real, Fr. Amorth recalled something said by our previous Holy Father (emphasis mine):

Is he real?

The first question Father Amorth addressed in the report is if the devil exists: "I respond with the words of John Paul II, who was once asked this question: 'Your Holiness, I find many bishop who don't believe in the devil.' And John Paul II responded: 'One who doesn't believe in the devil doesn't believe in the Gospel.'

"The devil is an angel, and therefore, a pure spirit created good by God and who perverted himself because he rebelled against God. Therefore, he maintains all the characteristics proper of a pure spirit, such as a very large intelligence, immensely bigger than ours."

It's an interesting article. Go catch the entire thing at Zenit: Rome's Exorcist Gives Inside Look at Devil

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