Saturday, March 24, 2007

More news on forthcoming motu proprio for the Tridentine

I saw this several days ago on the New Liturgical Movement's website, and now Fr. Zuhlsdorf has gotten just a little excited about it. From Fr. Z:

Something is up.

From the Bolletino:

Yesterday evening the Pope received in audience:

His Eminence Francis Card. Arinze, Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments;

His Eminence Darío Card. Castrillón Hoyos, President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei".

Remember that reports have the Motu Proprio coming out after 25 March but before the Triduum.

Today I spoke with someone to whom a bishop recently received by the Pope said that the Pope was "determined".

Start practicing your responses…

"Introibo ad altare Dei…"

This could be interesting. Keep your ears to the wire the next few days. I still think it would be good for this thing to be released on Annunciation - a day which marks the day Our Lady said, "yes" - accepting God's will for her, and ultimately for all of us. What better day for a Pope to ask his priests and bishops for their fiat?

I know that in some communities, perhaps even our own, where some enjoy a beautiful Latin Novus Ordo, there are a few who would like to keep things as they are. I myself have still not assisted at a Tridentine thus far. Any opportunity I had to do so was somehow lost at the last minute. I have a 1962 Missal ready for use and I'm going to be very open to whatever happens.

In other areas of the country, people cannot find a solemn and reserved liturgy with sacred music and chant even if they drive for hours. The masses may be even be fully licit, but for some folks, something remains missing without some Latin, chant and sacred polyphony - as well as being purely majestic. This says nothing of the banality in many homilies today - something even the Pope has pointed out. All of this, I believe, has resulted in people attending SSPX Masses and similar. And, it has resulted in some who would consider coming home to the Catholic Church, to head elsewhere, or to stay in the Protestant denomination they are in. Some are not inspired to make that leap of faith because of the banality of liturgies to which they have been exposed.

After much reflection on the issue, my conclusion is that bringing back the Tridentine would be a win on many fronts: Lapsed Catholics, non-Catholics considering the faith, and an open door to those in the SSPX looking for a way back in without compromising what they value liturgically.

I think this is necessary not only for fallen away and disinterested Catholics, and to help the reform of the reform, but I think it will inspire those particular folks to make that shift. Catholics and non-Catholics alike in the years following the release of this motu proprio will know WHERE they can find a solemn and reverent liturgy without any question. For those who don't care for the Tridentine, for some years to come, it will likely be only a small minority of parishes that offer it. This is why I am mystified by some Bishops, priests and laypeople who are working hard to put a halt to this effort by the Pope. The Catholic Church has been big enough to accept Charismatic masses, folk Masses, Youth Masses, and I won't mention a few others that have gone unchecked for years. But, the tent is too small for the Tridentine - the Mass many of our cherished saints assisted in and celebrated?

Along with that it will identify parishes that are Eucharistic and Marian, and where Confession is highly valued, along with hard-hitting, soul-stirring homilies. This is not to say that there aren't Eucharistic and Marian parishes among those without Latin Masses. These will just stand out and be visible. My gut feeling is that as the youth discover the majesty, awe, solemnity and reverence, they and their young families will be duly attracted.

Let the Spirit blow where He wills.

Therefore, be open-minded even if you hate Latin, and don't like the format of the more silent Tridentine. Flow with it.

This will be a very good thing for the Church.

What say you???