Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot off the Press: Easter Season Orchestra Massses at Grotto

Fr. Eduard Perrone, Pastor of Assumption Grotto conducts during last year's Easter Sunday Orchestral Mass.

Click the poster-pic for a link to a full sized PDF file. Below is an HTML version you can use, as well.

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Help get the word out and print out these PDF files if you live locally and post them. You should always ask a pastor for permisison to place anything in the parish vestibule.

Email the PDF and HTML links to interested friends and family.

Provide a link to this post on your blog. You can always access the parish website via the "Grotto and Related" links section in the sidebar from the Te Deum homepage, or clicking here.

Where is Assumption Grotto in Detroit?

Bring your family to Assumption Grotto this Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday.

A few notes:

  • Prelude music often begins up to 20 minutes prior to many orchestral masses. Come early.
  • Parking can get tight - another reason to get there early.
  • The Mass is the post-Vatican II liturgy, but it is celebrated in Latin. Grey booklets will allow you to follow along. Any of four Eucharistic Prayers are used, but look for EP1 at these Masses (I could be wrong, so don't hold me to it).
  • While there is likely no social on Easter Sunday, I suspect the weekly BBQ fair will be available following the Masses for Divine Mercy Sunday. (EDIT: The Ushers are having their pancake breakfast so follow the crowd to the gym for the works!)
  • Assumption Grotto has a giftshop that will likely be open on Divine Mercy Sunday too, but I don't expect it to be open on Easter.
  • Benediction follows any noon Mass. During warmer weather it takes place at the outdoor Grotto following a procession.
  • Don't expect a typical 50 minute liturgy. Latin Novus ordo masses at Grotto usually run approx 1 hour 20 minutes. This is due to time associated with incensing, and the kind of music that enables one to rest in the Lord as we work our way through the Liturgy. Orchestra Masses can take a little longer. Time goes by fast in these liturgies and it won't seem that long. I couldn't believe how much time went by without my realizing it the first time I went.

EDIT: Fr. Z was kind enough to "plug" this Mass series on his blog. Read his entry on the Paray Mass being featured.