Saturday, March 31, 2007

Childhood Memories: Who do you love the most?

When I was very young - probably 4 or 5, my father would tuck me in bed at night and ask me, "Who do you love the most?"

My answer would always be the same (you can trick children so small again and again, so I was put to the test many times over the next few years and this helped it to sink in).

"I love you both the most?"

What else could a child say?

My father would say, "Wrong answer, you are suppose to love God the most".

Back then, I didn't realize just how profound Dad's lesson was. However, when we look at the many decisions we must make daily, if it is not rooted in love for God first, then sometimes God gets placed second. For example, a young person with a vocation may not follow that call because mom or dad are not happy about it.

There are many applications with this profound question and answer. It has stuck with me and guided me for many years.

Dad died in October of 1991. He was devoted to the Holy Rosary and truly received one thing he prayed for: A happy death. It wasn't without pain, but with closeness to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother. He also prayed that Rosary daily for his children and others.

Thanks Dad.